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The situation where fruits and vegetables have peaked in popularity several times truck dispatching.

News of the increase in the value of cargo is spreading rapidly, resulting in an excess of cargo in the west. This trend leads to lower transportation prices. Now shippers will choose any option, as long as there is an opportunity to go back from Florida. It may also happen that the goods, which were offered at very good prices last week, leave quite cheap this week. In some cases, the price is lower than the cost price. 

The freight market is the same market as everyone else, so the laws of supply and demand work here quite clearly. Typically, the demand for freight transport is seasonal. From January to April and October-November, demand is quite low. Transportation demand begins to grow during the fruit and vegetable season on the West Coast of the United States, and Florida and Georgia in the East, with freight demand peaking in early summer. After July 4, the demand for cargo transportation decreases again, then the growth in demand is noted in the fall, closer to the Christmas holidays.

Number of cargoes by state

Location also affects demand. In the United States, goods are transported throughout the country in 16 main states: Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Arkansas, Maryland, California, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia. At the same time, the volume of goods arriving in the last five states is significantly higher than the volume of states sent from them. For people who work in the field of logistics, this means that even if you deliver goods to these states, it will be quite difficult for you to find goods for return transportation.

However, some states export significantly more cargo than they bring in. This means that even if you deliver goods to these states, you will not need to work hard to find the goods for return transportation. Such states are Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Arkansas, New York and Ohio.

All other states maintain a balance between inbound and outbound goods. Every year in the magazine “Heavy Duty Trucking” you can find a rating of the most popular states in terms of cargo transportation.

 Impact of equipment on traffic volumes

The factors affecting the volume of traffic complement the type of trailer. Depending on the type of track, the volume of transported goods may decrease or increase.

Most often, truck owners choose a specific type of truck and work with the chosen option: tanker truck, dry van, refrigerated van, step deck or flatbed. Each type of track has certain advantages and disadvantages. 

For example, for step deck and flatbed tracks, fairly favorable rates are applicable, however, sequential loads, so as not to include several hundred empty miles (deadhead) are very problematic. In addition, it should be borne in mind that to ensure the safety of transportation on these types of trucks, the purchase of a rather expensive tarpaulin is required.

At the same time, tankers are unpopular among truck drivers who very rarely use this type of truck for cargo transportation, because only limited volumes of cargo can be transported in trucks. 

Dry vans trailers allow you to transport a variety of cargo types

But the price of transport is usually very low, which affects your income. But trailers have certain advantages in comparison with refrigerated trucks, the owner practically does not encounter breakdowns and the need to repair the reef installation, rarely when the time of loading and unloading is recorded, the products are unloaded very rarely at night (which is very common on. reef loads), loading and unloading takes much less time compared to a refrigerator. In addition, this trailer is much cheaper.

Despite the described advantages of the Dry Van trailer, the Fifty-Three-Foot Refrigerated Van or “Reefer” trailer is most often used by most professionals. It can transport both dry and frozen goods (including frozen ones), thanks to which it becomes much easier to search for goods, and the price for them is higher. TRUCK FACTORING INVOICE ADVANCED 24 HOURS

However, in order to transport goods on time, especially perishable goods, it is necessary to have the appropriate skills and experience, because during the trip it is necessary to prevent breakdowns, ensure timely delivery and the integrity and safety of Claim cargo from the sender or broker. The claim value is approximately equivalent to the value of the cargo, and sometimes more. Insurance is rarely sufficient to cover such damage.

Truck Factoring your freight bills

TruckFactoring your freight bills is a great way to ensure you will have the cash flow needed to meet your business’s financial obligations on time. Factoring your freight bills can:

  • Provide steady, predictable cash flow

  • Enable you to pay your bills on time

  • Help improve driver retention

  • Help build your business credit

  • Reduce non-payment on invoices


MC #’s can be acquired from the FMCSA

Since ‘Uncle Sam’s likes accurate records being kept, we make sure to dot all of our i’s and cross all of our t’s.

This is the minimum requirement. If you’d like to have more peace of mind with higher coverage, that’s fine by us.

This is a common practice for shippers, brokers and dispatchers alike.

In order to make sure all safety and compliance ordinances by the government are being met, we need to keep accurate records.

Industry Trends

Spot Market Loads +10% +46% +92%
Spot Market Capacity -1.5% +12% +1.7%
Van Load To Truck +11% +30% +98%
Van Rates(spot) +0.0% +0.6% +7.2
Flatbed Load To Truck +20% +38% +109%
Flat Rates(spot) +0.0% +3.6% +9.1%
Reefer Load To Truck +2.4% +31% +109%
Reefer Rates (Spot) +0.0% +0.5% +5.1%
Fuel Prices +0.6% -0.6% +22%

Todays Rates

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