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Freight Bill Factoring for Truck Driver

Freight Bill Factoring for Truck Drivers we want all of our carriers to get the most out of our relationship truck dispatcher in the USA

Truck Dispatch Service

As a Truck dispatch service, we want all of our carriers to get the most out of our relationship. That’s why we’ve partnered with Express Freight Finance to add that critical component of “accelerated cash flow”. Our friends at EFF understand trucking since they themselves were truckers: a freight factoring program developed by truckers for truckers! Their funding programs are tailored to your unique circumstances and offer Freight Bill Factoring for Truck Drivers

  • Same-day funding

  • Competitive pricing and high advance rates

  • Hassle-free paperwork submission from copies

  • Fuel cards & fuel advances

  • Free credit checks

  • Quick and easy set-up

Truck Factoring your freight bills

TruckFactoring your freight bills is a great way to ensure you will have the cash flow needed to meet your business’s financial obligations on time. Factoring your freight bills can:

  • Provide steady, predictable cash flow

  • Enable you to pay your bills on time

  • Help improve driver retention

  • Help build your business credit

  • Reduce non-payment on invoices

Now that you can find the right loads as a result of our dispatch services, let us connect you with our partners at Express Freight Finance to ensure you will have the cash needed to keep your trucks running for the next load and beyond. For fast set-up, call:

Bryan Doty (Se Habla Español) at 385-281-2265 or click HERE to go to their online application.

Our dispatch clients love the service they get from Bryan at EFF. If you want BETTER SERVICE, BETTER SOLUTIONS, and BETTER PROGRAM OPTIONS, then contact our Bryan at Express Freight Finance now!


If you are looking for a fuel card that offers the best features, look at EFFs Fuel card. Their card can be used at over 8,000 fuel stops across the US and Canada.

Fuel Card Benefits:

  • Fuel Discounts up to $0.60/gallon, depending on the fuel stop

  • ATM Access

  • Discounts on Tires & Roadside Maintenance

  • Easy-to-Use Client Portal to Manage Card Usage

  • Ability to Capture Fuel Data to Calculate Fuel Taxes

  • Line of Credit (must credit qualify)

If you are ready to rev up your company’s fuel program, click here for the ONLINE APPLICATION It takes 5 to 7 business days to process your application and have the cards shipped.

Fuel Advances For Truck Drivers

With our Truck dispatch services, freight bill factoring, and a robust fuel card you are equipped for success Our friends at Express Freight Finance have one more game-winning option: Fuel Advances

We know that sometimes life throws a curveball at you, and you need funds before you complete a load. EFF can advance up to 40% of the load amount once the load has been picked up

To get a fuel advance, follow EFF’s paperwork submission procedure and submit copies of:

  • Rate Confirmation

  • Bill of Lading (signed showing the load has been picked up)

Your EFF account manager will then make a quick call to confirm the freight has been loaded onto your truck and is under way. Funds are then disbursed to your fuel account and can be accessed right away Freight Bill Factoring for Truck Drivers

If you have questions about the fuel advance program, contact:

Bryan Doty (Se Habla Español) at 385-281-2265 or click HERE to go to the online application.

Benefits of factoring with EXPRESS FREIGHT FINANCE

HELP WITH CASH FLOW THROUGH FACTORING YOUR FREIGHT BILLS. A great way to move your business forward. Our friends at Express Freight Finance are no stranger to trucking. They know what truckers need to succeed. Afterall, they’ve been in the driver’s seat!

EFF’s factoring program can help ensure you will have the working capital needed to keep your trucks moving. Their easy-to-use factoring program allows you to electronically submit copies of your load paperwork for same-day funding! With their high advance rates, you get more of your cash as soon as the load delivers! Don’t worry about performing collections because their seasoned team professionals perform collections on your behalf. This gives you the freedom to do what you do best – run and grow your business!

If you are looking to add new customers, take advantage of EFF’s free credit checking service. Don’t get stuck hauling a load for someone that isn’t going to pay – know before you accept a load that broker/shipper is creditworthy. There are three ways to check credit: 1) online via your client portal; 2) email; 3) phone; and 4) their mobile app. It is a fast and easy way to minimize risk. Don’t get stuck not getting paid for a load you hauled.

If you have a small to mid-sized fleet, you can’t go wrong partnering with our friends at Express Freight Finance. Even if things are going well for your business now and cash flow is not an issue, there is no risk in setting up with EFF now to hedge for a market downturn in the future. There are no set-up fees; you can pick and choose which customers to factor; there are no monthly minimum volume requirements nor monthly fees; and as long as you follow the termination requirements, there are no exit fees when you no longer need to factor. Why wait? get set up with Express Freight Finance now!

Factoring isn’t all EFF does. They can also help with:

  • Market & Lane Data

  • Finding Loads

  • Equipment Financing

  • Insurance

  • Fuel Cards

  • Fuel Advances

They are not your typical freight factoring company. If you want the best factoring partner – someone who takes a genuine interest in helping your business succeed, CALL them now.

One-stop access to key trucking business needs. Get everything from freight factoring to fuel cards, equipment leasing and lane data. Simple and fast so you can spend more of your time on what’s important – running and growing your business.

Freight Bill Factoring for Truck Drivers

We believe in going the extra mile for our carriers, so they don’t have to.
Get alerts on the best rates and most favorable lanes in the US.


See national market data in available loads near-real time, wherever you are.


Optimize your fuel consumption with smarter route planning.


When you know your best options, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to freight rates.SEE MARKETFIT IN ACTION


We are Express Freight Finance, and we help motor carriers bridge the gap to success. Our team takes a partnership approach to deliver best-in-class service to our growing client base We get to know our clients on a first-name basis, and we’re committed to helping your business achieve success and longevity.

Over the years, Express Freight Finance has evolved to offer a suite of solutions. This includes freight factoring, equipment leasing, fuel cards and fuel advances, and lane data to help carriers succeed regardless of industry conditions.

As your industry partner, our ultimate goal is to deliver peace of mind. Our clients can count on best-in-class service delivered by industry experts with years of experience servicing motor carriers. Our clients have a name; they are not just an account number to us. We take a genuine interest in helping each one of them succeed.

Our best-in-class service is delivered by trusted industry experts with years of experience servicing motor carrier and clients alike We offer custom-designed freight bill funding programs with competitive pricing, fuel cards, fuel advances, free online credit checking, and collections management.



Express Freight Finance helps you access the capital you need to grow your fleet or replace aging equipment and is with you every step of the way



A next generation toolset delivering near real-time market insights and intelligence.



Express Freight Finance is here to connect you with simple, comprehensive auto and cargo insurance plans that are right-sized for any type of freight

Spot Market Loads +10% +46% +92%
Spot Market Capacity -1.5% +12% +1.7%
Van Load To Truck +11% +30% +98%
Van Rates(spot) +0.0% +0.6% +7.2
Flatbed Load To Truck +20% +38% +109%
Flat Rates(spot) +0.0% +3.6% +9.1%
Reefer Load To Truck +2.4% +31% +109%
Reefer Rates (Spot) +0.0% +0.5% +5.1%
Fuel Prices +0.6% -0.6% +22%

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Truck Dispatch the USA for Dry Vans, Reefer, Flat-Bed, and Step decks We have the best loads for Truck


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