Local Truck Dispatcher for Truck Driver

Local Truck Dispatcher for Truck Driver

Local Truck Dispatcher for Truck Driver refers to the coordination and management of truck drivers and their assigned tasks within a specific geographic area.

Local Truck Dispatcher for Truck Driver

It involves dispatchers assigning pickups and deliveries to drivers, providing them with necessary information such as routes, schedules, and any special instructions, and ensuring the efficient and timely completion of their assignments.
Assignment of Tasks: Dispatchers need to assign pickup and delivery tasks to drivers based on factors such as location, availability, and type of cargo.
Route Planning: Dispatchers must plan the most efficient routes for drivers to follow, taking into account traffic conditions, road closures, and other relevant factors.


Effective communication between dispatchers and drivers is crucial. Dispatchers need to provide drivers with all necessary information and be available to address any issues that may arise during the course of the day.
Tracking and Monitoring: Dispatchers should track the progress of drivers and monitor their location and status to ensure on-time arrivals and to provide updates to customers as needed.
Servicio al cliente: los despachadores deben mantener una buena comunicación con los clientes, brindándoles horarios de llegada precisos y abordando cualquier inquietud o cambio en el cronograma de entrega.

Problem Solving

Dispatchers need to be able to handle unexpected events, such as traffic delays, mechanical issues, or customer emergencies, and adjust schedules and assignments accordingly.

To effectively manage local truck dispatch, many companies use specialized software and systems that help automate and streamline the dispatching process, improve communication, and provide real-time tracking and monitoring of drivers and their tasks. This can help optimize the use of resources, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Truck Factoring your freight bills

TruckFactoring your freight bills is a great way to ensure you will have the cash flow needed to meet your business’s financial obligations on time. Factoring your freight bills can:

  • Provide steady, predictable cash flow

  • Enable you to pay your bills on time

  • Help improve driver retention

  • Help build your business credit

  • Reduce non-payment on invoices


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MC #’s can be acquired from the FMCSA

Since ‘Uncle Sam’s likes accurate records being kept, we make sure to dot all of our i’s and cross all of our t’s.

This is the minimum requirement. If you’d like to have more peace of mind with higher coverage, that’s fine by us.

This is a common practice for shippers, brokers and dispatchers alike.

In order to make sure all safety and compliance ordinances by the government are being met, we need to keep accurate records.

Industry Trends

Spot Market Loads +10% +46% +92%
Spot Market Capacity -1.5% +12% +1.7%
Van Load To Truck +11% +30% +98%
Van Rates(spot) +0.0% +0.6% +7.2
Flatbed Load To Truck +20% +38% +109%
Flat Rates(spot) +0.0% +3.6% +9.1%
Reefer Load To Truck +2.4% +31% +109%
Reefer Rates (Spot) +0.0% +0.5% +5.1%
Fuel Prices +0.6% -0.6% +22%

Todays Rates

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